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    I would like to give testimony of a miracle God preformed for my son Lcpl. Mikhail Quijada and Gunnery Sergeant Todd Bryd Ocober. 5th, 2005 in Iraq. They were in convoy when the LAV they were in ran over a IED (land mine). The mine didn't go off when the first set of tires went over it. If it had, it could of killed or seriously injured my son and his sergeant. It exploded when the second set rolled over it destroying the vehicle but without harming Mikhail or Todd. 

    Mikhail's loving wife has been reading Psalm 91 over him morning and night. She has a copy of your book that I had sent her. We are so grateful to God for His Word first of all, but for you also for making Psalm 91 more than just writing on a page!!

God Bless, Jane Ouijada, 
Proud mom of a US Marine!
    Some of the men from our Living Word Church were building on the College House at 901 Clark Street on September 20th, 2002, when suddenly there was a loud explosion. Fire began flying out the top of the power pole and steam came pouring out of the hole which two of the men were standing, ankle deep in water from the night's rain. One of the men had been holding onto a metal stake while the other man drove it into the ground and they accidentally drove it into the main electrical power line, knocking all of the electricity out for blocks around and shooting fire in all directions. 
    The TU Electric people were stunned. 7,200 volts of electricity were flowing through the line that they had just driven the metal stake out. According to the electricians there should have been nothing left of those men except a piece of charcoal. None of the officials could believe that anyone could have survived what happened -- holding onto the metal and standing in water. They reminded us that only a few months before two employees cutting tree limbs away from the power line, with far less contact than what these two men experienced had been electrocuted and their truck and equipment burned completely to a crisp. 

     Sergeant George Harold Barclay served in WWII in General Patton's 320th Infantry of the U.S. Army, Company E. Continuous fear eliminated any expectation of ever returning to his wife and baby daughter. The same fear kept his wife terrified when she would see a Western Union truck delivering letters of war casualties. Once a Western Union messenger came to her door by mistake and she said that she froze with terror. Sometimes as many as six weeks would go by without a letter, during which time the News reported that half of Barclay's company had been killed. The Battle of the Bulge saw his whole outfit cut off from the rest of the army.
    Finally, however a letter came from Harold saying that God had given him Psalm 91, and he now had absolute certainty that he would come home without even an injury. 
    The summer that Cullen (Peggy Joyce's grandson) was five years old, I was swimming with him and his cousins in their pool. One of the adults said, "Ok, everyone out of the pool." Everyone else had headed inside the house when Cullen saw a plastic life raft come floating by. He said, "Hey, James, watch this," as he stepped of the side of the pool onto the raft like it was a solid piece. It flipped out from under him, and fell backwards into the water, grazing his head on the side of the pool as he fell. 
    It was the deep end of the pool, and I watched Cullen, with his arms and legs outstretched, and just started sinking to the bottom. I dove in and grabbed him under the arms, but he is unusually big for his age - and weighed more than I did. His dad always said that he felt like a chunk of lead when you tried to lift him, so I wondered if I could get him to the top of the water -- especially since he must have been dazed from scrapping his head on the concrete. 

    Actor Jimmy Stewart, prior to WW II, learned to fly and received his private pilot's license in 1935. He enlisted in the Army on March 22, 1941. Though he desired to fly as a combat pilot, he was first used mostly for publicity. At his own expense, he took additional private flight training so he could qualify for combat. He received his commission after the attack on Pearl Harbor. 
    Early in the war, Jimmy Stewart served as a Bombardier trainer. He was eventually qualified on B-17s and was attached as Operations Officer with the 445th Bomb Group, 703rd squadron. Within a month he was put in command of the squadron. He eventually flew a total of 20 combat missions in WWII. From 1944 to 1945 he served as Chief of Staff, 2nd Combat Wing, 2nd Division, and 8th Air Force. Throughout the way, he carried with him a copy of the 91st Psalm, a gift from his father. The Jimmy Stewart Museum quotes him as saying, "What a promise for an airman. I placed in His hands the squadron I would be leading. And, as the psalmist promised, I felt myself borne up."
I mean, it was one excuse after another! Then, as if that was not enough of a miracle, I heard over the radio a miracle of miracles...something like eight of the twenty people had gathered to attack one of our three sites, 
but they said they went up the mountain where we had been all day and decided we must have left without making a sound because we were gone. I am telling you - we stayed there all night on top of a wide open mountain - not hiding behind the crest. We were right out on the very top in plain site. I realized that it was a little too close to the prayer I had prayed that night before! I knew that Psalm 91 was being prayed for me daily - and I tell you - I had NO FEAR anywhere in my mind or heart! The next day we chased them and they just ran or hid or told others to go and fight because they had to go pray! I just thought I would let you know that the Word works. There is only one thing that is impossible for God to do...break his own words and promises! He certainly held true to them this trip - and for a pressure plate IED designed to blow when you step or roll onto them to somehow get delayed until it was at the trunk of the HMMWV - that's impossible in the natural! (one of ther Hummvees ran over an IED and it didn't blow right away, probably saving the lives of the people in it...as he said, by the time it blew it was "at the trunk".)                                                   –– John Waling
Hi, My name is Cindy Crews. 
    A lawyer friend of mine, Jackie Barrows, gave me the book Psalm 91 when I went to drug rehab for 21 days. While accepting it freely, I am not fond of reading for pleasure.  While finding I had a lot of alone time, I decided to start reading the book. I really loved what I was able to read and made a lot of marks in it, as well.     Everyday in rehab we did what was called a secret support and also asked each other questions and then shared with everyone at wrap up every night. I applied your wonderful text to my life and used it to uplift others in rehab with daily words of encouragement. I was also most pleased to be able and use some questions in your book to ask my peers how it applied to their life and their recovery. It was a very uplifting experience for everyone. Toward the end of my stay, I was overly compelled to pass your book Psalm 91 to a fellow recovery alcoholic. With purple highlights and all, I wrote him a quick word of affirmation in the front cover and I gave it to him the morning he left. I felt wonderful at the chance to compel someone else. I used Psalm 91 in my own recovery and completed my program successfully. I was able to bring the word to
 a lot of my peers in recovery and I am now a better and stronger person because
 of it. Also, on a daily basis, I was uplifted with wonderful words of encouragement
 like I was strong, positive, up beat, smart, and so on. I owe it to the power of  Christ,
the love of family and friends, and your book Psalm 91. 

Thank you for choosing me to pass it on.
Have a Blessed Day.  
                                         –– Cindy Crews from Missouri 

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Involving the Power of God's Word in Psalm 91
Hey Ma'am - Are You Reading Psalm 91?

   It all began New Year's Eve night. I was convinced by the precipitation falling from the sky that driving 45-70 minutes was risky, and besides the Holy Spirit lives in me so we can celebrate God and bring in the New Year anywhere...right? It was a battle of flesh and spirit, but the flesh was going to win without much of a fight. However, my spirit-filled friend Tamara was dialing up God on one of her channels with a different message, so I decided to go.
    It was a long drive, but we made it. We had already told a family we would stay with them through the morning of New Year's so we continued on, lighting fireworks as the clock tolled 2009. The next morning came and I was up fixing my bed and preparing for the trip home, when the hostess of the house, Teresa, decided to share a book with me. She said, "Check this book out, it has a lot of wonderful testimonies in it that you might enjoy." She passed me the book and went back down stairs.
    Later I joined everyone at the table and she asked what I thought of the book. To which I replied, "I like it...it's truly a page turner...I was wondering if I could take it with me?" Of course she granted me the privilege and the rest of the week I would become consumed by the power of the word of God and the reassurance of His deity in every testimony.
    I returned to work after the holiday and we sat in a morning staff meeting around the boss's desk and ran through the calendar and other administrative things we all had to attend to over the course of the next few weeks. As the meeting drug on, a feeling of despair overcame me. Everything within me wanted to quit suddenly. I wondered what my purpose in this land of Germany was. I thought of all of the other things I could do for the kingdom of God somewhere else. I wanted to cry, but I had to hold it together because just breaking down in a staff meeting would be the grounds to start the psycho-study on me.
    Thankfully the meeting ended shortly thereafter and I thought walking it off was a wise move. I stood at my desk wavering between going for a bite to eat or going to check my mail. After speaking this out loud to my colleague, I decided the walk to the post office was longer, and I needed the walk.
    With my new book in hand, I walked and read slowly through the snow and ice, crossing streets and walking through car-filled parking lots to the post office. Looking up slightly to check traffic at the street crossings and more so to ponder the words of the testimony of Staff Sgt. Heath Adams and how it related to the verse of scripture the author was explaining. I looked up in wonder trying to grasp how this guy received this gunshot wound, but I put my head right back down and continued my course through the busy post office parking lot.
    As I neared the door unconcerned by the possible danger associated with reading and walking in traffic over iced pavement, wearing the slipperiest shoes I own, I heard a voice call out, "Hey ma'am are you reading Psalm 91?" As I looked up I thought, "who could be interrupting me. ...do they not realize I'm reading?" Once I responded "yes," the taller blonde said "do you want to meet the author, she's right here." 
    As she caroused the people in the car informing the author that someone was reading her book, I was overcome with hysterical, joyous laughter and realized that God heard me in that moment in the earlier staff meeting. 
    Peggy Joyce Ruth, Lesley King and Angie Schum stood before me telling me of their stay in Germany, I shared how I got a copy of the book and we all laughed and talked in fellowship as I tried to gather myself. But I couldn't get past God and how he caused us to meet at that moment.  
    While we stood there, they shared with me their goal of visiting Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. They had come this long way in faith that they would actually get to touch the wounded and pray and lay hands and even lead a soul to the Christ. I didn't know how I could help them, but I was so compelled to do so.
    I returned to my office, and the rest of the afternoon was seemingly a wash for completing a large amount of work. I was working the phones for the Kingdom of God. I called Ramstein Public Affairs to get a number to LRMC Public Affairs, they referred me to the protocol office at LRMC who referred me back to LRMC PA. But of course by the time I redialed the number, they were gone for the day; their offices are within whisper room of the other. I then reached out to our chaplaincy, the administrative assistant Sabrina didn't have immediate answers, but she said she would get them, "Let me call you back," she said.
    In the meantime I searched the Internet to see if there was a number, but all I could find was a press release about their Warrior Care Center. I also called the cell phone number on the business card Angie had given me earlier, only to get a guy named Scott who shared with me the extreme hope of the team from Brownwood, Texas. "Landstuhl is one of their main prayer focuses, so they would really like to be able to get in tomorrow," he said. He gave me the number to the other cell phone to reach Lesley. And while I spoke to Scott and then Lesley, I was convinced that they would get in, I just needed to make sure they had a point of contact when they got there
Avery Adams Miracle - July 4th 2011
(great-grandson of Peggy Joyce)

    Our family snuggled up under a blanket to watch the firework show on July 4, 2011, then started down the hill to our car to head home. It was very dark and the traffic  was crazy with so many families getting into cars and then pulling out onto the highway. I was glad there were so many traffic workers manning the crowd. My husband Heath and our two boys were crossing the highway and I was just a few feet away with my hands full of camera bags, purse and holding onto Peyton. Heath also had his hands full with the two boys, pulling the wagon with all of our things and managing our dogs on leashes.He was watching for a chance to cross the street and I heard him holler GO to the boys! 
    The coast was clear so Peyton and I also started across the road when Avery ran ahead! 
To everyone’s surprise, this car came speeding out of the dark, and I watched helplessly as it plowed right into Avery. I dropped Peyton’s hand, threw all my things in the middle of the highway and began running toward Avery just as I saw him fly up in the air and come down on the hood and windshield of the car, then roll off onto the ground. Almost in one motion he looked back at me and said, 
“I’m ok, Mom! I’m Ok!!” I grabbed him and started screaming out,
 “The Blood of Jesus! The Blood of Jesus!”  
    I wish I could tell you that I was calm, cool and collected, but I was shouting at the top of my lungs, “We have Psalm 91 protection!!” I’m sure they could have heard me a block away, but as I looked at the car and saw the damage, I got even louder.  Her front metal bumper was bent, her hood had a big dent, her windshield was cracked all the way across and in a separate spot there was a big spider web crack!  Instantly, Heath was there, and with his flashlight, he was checking Avery over from head to foot. (I can always count on him to be calm.) A woman came and stood with Hunter and Peyton and the lady who was driving the car had gotten out and kept asking over and over if he was ok! I couldn’t even respond to her. There was a man in the car with her and he and Heath got into an argument that was escalating until I shouted out to Heath to stop it!
    Later that night the police officer on the scene came to the hospital to check on Avery and told us that the lady who hit him and the man who was with her had been drinking and she had been arrested for wreckless driving and taken to jail.

    Emergency workers had checked Avery over carefully at the scene, then at the emergency room they began taking Xrays! While we were waiting for the doctor to read the x-rays, Avery told me, “Mom, I already knew that God loved me and had a plan for my life, but now I really know He has something special for me to do!” Our wonderful, heavenly Father was certainly at work. The doctor said Avery was just fine. They could find nothing wrong—no injuries, whatsoever. They kept us through the night for observation, but when he was still in good shape early the next morning, they let us go home. 
    We kept close watch, waking him and checking him. And I kept looking for a bruise or a mark, but there was nothing! It was awesome—nothing short of supernatural. Our God protected Avery completely. There were no bruises—and NO PAIN!! We are sooo thankful, thankful beyond words, for His protection over our son. We know that our God has a calling and a plan for Avery. And because of our covenant, Avery will live a long, healthy life and do all that God has called Him to do!! Avery will be mighty in this world for Jesus!! Thank You Jesus!! You are soo good!! So Awesome! So Mighty! 
So Powerful! You are so Great!! There is no one else like You!! I love You, Lord, with all of my heart!!
World War II Miracle - Spencer January

    During the years of World War II, the pastor of a church in Dallas, Texas, called each deploying soldier forward and prayed Psalm 91 and other protection verses over them at the altar. That protection was powerfully impacting to Spencer January, who served in the Army’s 35th Infantry.
In 1945 his division had just been ordered to take the town of Ossenburg, Germany, where a war factory supplied Hitler’s troops. Forcing his way through the dense German forest, Spencer was plagued with the thought that they might never make it back home alive. His group had been fighting for hours to get through the thick jungle-like terrain when suddenly they came to an open space with a large stone house. They did not know that the large stone house in the opening was concealing the bodies of soldiers who had tried earlier to cross the clearing, but soon three nests of German machine guns suddenly began blasting away, but it was impossible to take them out since they were too far out of range.
    It was sure death to cross the opening, but it was the 35th Infantry’s only avenue since every other passage into town was secured by the Germans. The team was in a quandary. They knew there was no way to live to tell the tale if they tried to push on through the clearing. It was impossible for Spencer not to think of his wife and five month old son he had left back home. The odds were a thousand to one that he had seen them for the last time. Pain surged through his entire being with that thought. His only hope was a miracle from God.
  It is amazing what thoughts bombard one’s mind in moments like this. Spencer began remembering elderly Mrs. Tanersly—a faithful prayer warrior from his church back home. He had never before even thought of his need for a prayer warrior, but now she was all he could think about. “What if she was for real?” “What if those prayers she prayed were for a divine purpose?” Time was running out, and at any moment his group would be running right though a barrage of open fire. Before he even knew what he was doing, he found himself on his knees, praying passionately, ‘God, you’ve got to help me! Please, do something!’ Spencer barely had time to finish his desperate prayer when the group was ordered to advance. Memories of home and family crashed down on him as he gripped his rifle and made his way across the clearing to the other edge of the forest covering. The painful thought that he would probably never see his family again stayed with him every step of the way.
    Suddenly a huge white cloud materialized in what had been, only moments before, a totally clear sky. The cloud dropped down and shrouded the clearing, almost like an eclipse. There was no way for the Germans to see where to fire. Instantly Spencer and his fellow soldiers took off like runners in a race—this time competing, not for a metal, but for their very lives. Almost beyond belief, Spencer found himself across the clearing and into the thicket. Many more of his group were making it across. The ones in the very back were having to pull some of the wounded to safety, but even those were making it. No one had to tell him that what he had just experienced was God. As quickly as the miracle cloud had appeared, just as the last soldier made it across the cloud vanished miraculously. Then suddenly, the earth literally shook in convulsions as the Germans launched a bomb that blew the stone house into tiny pieces. It became obvious that they did not realize Spencer and his group had already crossed the clearing in obscurity. 
   All the way to Ossenburg, Spencer kept thinking about that cloud. He was used to the smoke screens that were used to hide the troops, but this was entirely different. This was not a man-made covering. He and the other men knew it was a supernatural intervention. And to continue His miracle, God helped them overtake the war factory in Ossenburg.
    A short time later, Spencer received a letter from his mother that had finally caught up with him. In it she told him that Mrs. Tankersly, the very woman who had been so heavily on his mind the day when they were under attack in that open field, had called to tell her about a spiritual visitation from God. It had come in the night when God told her, “Spencer January is in trouble! Get up right now and pray for him!” Mrs. Tankersly said that she had prayed until time to go to work, and the last thing she remembered praying was: “Lord, whatever danger Spencer is in, just cover him with a cloud!” She told Spencer’s mother that she had finished praying at 6 a.m. By the time he finished reading, Spencer was shaking so hard that he could barely see to read the letter. He realized there was a seven-hour difference in time, so Mrs. Tankersly had been praying just as his group came upon the German ambush. Her prayer for God to send a cloud covering would have been prayed at one o’clock in the afternoon in Germany—just when they were ready to dash across the danger zone. 
    God’s supernatural protection made such an impression on Spencer that he dedicated the early morning hours every day for the next sixty years to pray for friends and relatives. After the miracle intervention in Germany, no one could have taken away his faith in the difference that prayer can make. He was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the prayer of that one faithful woman back in 1945 had not only saved his life, but also the lives of the other soldiers with him as they ran unseen through the cloud covering.
    After his time of serving in WWII, he continued on as a soldier, but, this time, as a faithful soldier in the Lord’s army. There is no way to know all the miracles that followed the wake of those fervent prayers that Spencer January prayed. Although some people might call happenings like these a coincidence, the negative situations that we encounter can become God-incidences when we trust His Word.
Peggy Joyce Ruth Ministries
    My testimonial is somewhat different that some of the others on your site. 
   I am on my second tour in Afghanistan and during my first tour, I found Psalms 91 so when my second tour came around, I began reading it and meditating on it and studying it. I wanted to understand the promises, the nuances of God’s words and meaning. For the past 3 weeks I have been reading it and trying to memorize it; I only have the last 2 verses to go until I have it memorized. 
    Yesterday I was sitting in our day room and I happen to glance over to our DVD/Book shelf and to my surprise the spine of the only book my eyes were drawn to was titled “Psalms 91.” Now I work in a unit that never has more than about 8 people in it so it is not like hundreds of people pass through tour to tour, dropping books off and picking them up. Very few people have worked here so I was pleasantly shocked when I saw the book so I got up, went over to the book shelf and picked it up. Turns out it was your book (military edition) and I have not put it down since. I am even more inspired and passionate than ever before. That book was not there by chance, I have had this sort of thing happen to me enough in the past to know that is was divine in making. Anyway, I just wanted to share that story and thank you for writing it. I know I appreciate it.
Ryan – Stafford, VA
   Psalm 91 Keeps Me Going
Being new to the area and feeling quite lost, I was wandering through a Goodwill store in IL. While rum-maging through a bin, I came across a book entitled "Psalm 91 God's Shield of Protection". Since I've always loved that particular Psalm, I decided to buy the book. I have read and reread that book a number of times. The pages are marked with comments written by me of things that God has placed in my heart as I read the book. I have never read Psalm 91 with such incredible revelation. I can hardly put the book down! I finish reading the first 21 chapters and then I start it all over again and every time I reread it, God reveals something new to me. This has been a particularly difficult time in our lives. I have felt attacked financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically. But I continue to read Psalm 91 and dwell on every verse as I go through it mentally. That is what is keeping me going at this time. Thank you so much! I'm so excited about this book and I want to purchase it for a number of people. I will continue to reread this book and let the power of the Word wash over me.                 I appreciate you! Sincerely,
Carol Brosam from Illinois 

     Many of you have written to share a Psalm 91 testimony with me. If you have a Psalm 91 testimony of God's faithfulness you wish to share, please contact me through email. pjr.squire@gmail.com 

   We will use as many testimonies as possible. All testimonies must go through a process of sourcing, validation, editing and final approval. Please include a picture with written permission to use the story and picture, and a phone number where you can be reached. 

      Blessings to you, 
               Peggy Joyce Ruth   
I tried to make a couple more phone calls before Sabrina finally rang my line. Good news, she had some good numbers, but it was well after 4:30 p.m. The possibility of me getting the chaplain's assistant who's name was associated with that line was looking slim. And with no surprise, I didn't get the assistant. Instead, I got the man in charge, Chaplain (Colonel) Griffith who was willing to receive them the next day, but offered no confirmation that they would be able to see the Soldiers in the hospital. "Even celebrities don't get to go in there when they visit....I can show them the WCC, but getting into the hospital may be a problem." 
–– Chrystal Smith - Texas
    Steven Waling is a linguist. Before he left on this last mission in Afghanistan he had really taken Psalm 91 to heart and had asked his wife to get others to pray for him to have no fear and be discerning in what he was supposed to do.  
    He later wrote home saying that he wanted to tell about one incident of how Psalm 91 worked miracles for him! He wrote, “One night we were listening to them talk about planning a massive attack if we held our position. They had rockets, mortars, RPG's, and about 20 guys ready to attack us. I went through Psalm 91, prayed that we would be invisible to them, that they would not be able to find us, hear us, or attack us and that God would send down an army of angels to stand guard. Then I went to sleep in total peace. I was awakened by one of my teammates because it was my turn to stand watch from 0200-0500.
    There was no movement - no attack - nothing - not even chatter on the radio for us to track them attacking us. One guy said he had company and couldn't come…another said he didn't have enough bullets…the explosive’s guy couldn't ever find the "wire guy" to set IED's and bombs for us...another couldn't start his motorcycle...
Jimmy Stewart
  I knew we were in trouble so I called on God, and suddenly, I felt someone grab me from behind and begin pushing Cullen and me straight up from the bottom of the pool. (I thought one of the adults had seen us and dove in to help me.) I shot up out of the water with Cullen above me. Then it was like someone pulled Cullen from my arms and laid him on the side of the pool. (I was in water way over my head, so there is no way I could have lifted dead weight out of the pool.) Cullen started crying and coughing, and when I looked around, no one was there - absolutely, no one! I knew God had heard me call, and He had sent an angel to answer my call. 
  By this time the adults came running out of the house to see if we were ok. They treated me like a hero, and I was given a plaque that says,"James Zintgraff saved Cullen Ruth's life," but I knew that I could not have done that rescue alone. I was only an eleven year old kid. I know that God heard me and sent His angel to answer my call. 
–– James Zintgraff
James Zintgraff and Cullen Ruth,
(grandson of Peggy Joyce)
Testimony of Sergeant Harold Barclay
 of Brownwood, Texas as told by his daughter, Janie Boyd
    So certain was he of this promise in Psalm 91, that when the medics said they needed volunteers to go to the front lines to bring back the injured, Harold volunteered and made repeated trips under extreme enemy fire, saving many lives. 
    The citation for the Bronze Star Award that he received said "...for bravery", but Harold insisted that it wasn't bravery since he knew nothing would happen to him because of the covenant promise God had given to him in Psalm 91. When he came home without a scratch, it was obvious that angels had indeed borne him up in their hands, allowing no evil to befall him (Psalm 91:11-12) So certain was he of this promise in Psalm 91, that when the medics said they needed volunteers to go to the front lines to bring back the injured, Harold volunteered and made repeated trips under extreme enemy fire, saving many lives. 
    The citation for the Bronze Star Award that he received said "...for bravery", but Harold insisted that it wasn't bravery since he knew nothing would happen to him because of the covenant promise God had given to him in Psalm 91. When he came home without a scratch, it was obvious that angels had indeed borne him up in their hands, allowing no evil to befall him (Psalm 91:11-12).
For several years the church leadership has prayed Psalm 91 protection every morning over the staff and the congregation. God is so good and so faithful.This happened too recently to get into the book, but I thought you would enjoy hearing about another powerful miracle of God.
Pic of men on the constructon site
Construction Site Miracle for Living Word Church Workers
    Her poor little body was so worn down that she developed Pneumonia and heart damage which caused her to go into Cardiac Arrest on January 27th of 2014. Her situation was so dire that it took the medical team over 20 minutes to bring her back and get her stabilized. 
    Thankfully, I had just read Psalm 91 for Mothers which I had received as a gift. I prayed Psalm 91 aloud during her cardiac event and also kept declaring that “My daughter will live and not die”. After reading the Psalm, I had an almost eery peace in the midst of what I can only describe as the single scariest day of my entire life. Since that night, I have prayed Psalm 91 over her every single night. I truly and literally believe in the power of Psalm 91 and I believe it is why she is here today - CANCER FREE!
–– by Arianna's mom, LaTasha
Daughter Now Cancer Free!
   In 2013, my then 4 year old daughter, Arianna, was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer. She went through pretty rough treatments (brain surgeries, high dose Chemo and radiation) and suffered complications which led to her having to learn to walk and talk again. 

Arianna having radiation at CHOP in Philadelphia & Mom supporting her.
Miraculous Deliverances
Excerpt from “Lovin’ Our Troops, A Story of Service on Two Fronts” by Mary Bass Gray

From a chaplain:
    “In 2007-2008, I was with an Infantry unit in Baghdad. It was with the 2-325, 2BCT, 82nd ABN. Your organization sent us several hundred bandanas. They were a very popular item. There was one NCO that would read Psalm 91 from his bandana every time he went outside the wire (for you civilians reading this, a term used when leaving the safety of the compound). It got to the point that he memorized it and would quote it to his team every time they departed. He was hit by an IED that exploded his vehicle. No one was hurt. The following Sunday that soldier was in my chapel. I had him start the service by quoting Psalm 91. It was powerful.
    There was another Soldier wearing the bandana that was shot in his Kevlar helmet by a sniper in the forehead area. The round mysteriously tumbled on the inside of the helmet and exited a clean hole through the rear of the helmet. Amazingly, the Soldier was unscratched (with a bullet hole through the front and back of his helmet!) He came to my chapel service that evening and testified. He said, ‘It’s been several years since I have been to church but if I don’t come now and give God the glory, I don’t know what it’s going to take to wake me up!’ The Soldier recommitted his life to Christ that evening. These are just two of the incredible stories down range that your organization was a part of. I thank you for it.”

From a mom: 
    This is an email I received in August, 2010, from a mom, who made sure that her son—a West Point graduate, and at the time of this email, an infantry platoon leader—was provided enough Psalm 91 bandanas to cover him and his platoon of soldiers. She also got other parents of West Point graduates involved in getting the bandanas for their sons’ platoons. This is an amazing account of what these young soldiers encountered on four incredibly perilous days: 
    “Doug never leaves his tent without his bandana and by all rights, short of miracles he has seen, he and half his platoon should be dead. Doug and his platoon were in a 96 hour battle on the border of Pakistan where 150 Taliban were killed, some within 20 yards of them. While evacuating the last of several injured soldiers off the mountainside, and after very little sleep in 110 degree weather with most everyone de-hydrated and throwing up, Doug went back up the mountain to carry the last man down on his back. While doing so an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) grazed the side of his leg without exploding. He told us that was where he was carrying his bandana that day. He and his men were able to get the injured soldiers on the Medivac helicopter while under intense fire without any American casualties. 
    Afterwards, he and his platoon gathered in a hut for prayer and while looking around noticed that several men had bullet holes in their sleeves but were unharmed. The newest member of his platoon would have been killed by a bullet to the chest but his ammo canteen stopped it from killing him. He said what they have seen in the way of miracles, gives the miracle of water to wine a run for its money. (Spoken with all due respect.) He asked us to tell everyone who is praying (and I know you are) thank you and to please keep holding them up in prayer daily.”

New Testimonies Coming!!
​See http://www.operationbandanas.org/ for more information about Psalm 91 bandanas.
We felt that he needed to learn from it so we let him pay the $180 fine with his Christmas money. I felt so strongly there was a reason for him getting that ticket and I told Christian at the time that these things don’t have for no reason…that I felt God was protecting him from something and that it was probably a blessing in disguise. Now here we are…and if he hadn’t been stopped, received a ticket and started wearing his seat belt, we’d be telling a whole different story today.
  Prayer is powerful and I am so thankful that I have people in my life who have taught me to pray for my family and to pray in FAITH, knowing that God hears us and goes to work for each of us when we do. And last but most importantly, thank you, Father, for your protection, Your promises and the authority You’ve given us over the enemy with your Word. Amen!

–– Becky Harris, Hickory, NC

Evidence of protection: only minor abrasions and bruises.
Psalm 91 - Held in Place

  I’ve always believed in God and I’ve always had a joyful heart, grateful for every day. But a few years ago, after losing both my parents in the same year, I went into a very deep depression. I was in a terrible state and one night, in complete desperation, I got on my knees and cried out to God through my tears to please take hold of me as I truly felt I was slipping away. I had allowed the enemy to pull me into an awful, dark place and I felt completely hopeless. I’d always known God but that night, as I begged for His hands to take hold of me, I promised Him my life if He would lift me out of that depression. God didn’t fail me, as He has never failed me, and I was soon full of joy and had a new passion for His Word that I’d never known. I’d always prayed, gone to church and believed in God but my faith often wavered and I worried a lot. One day after I’d recommitted my life to Him, while sitting in church listening to a sermon on 1 Timothy, I noticed some handwriting in this old Bible I was using. It said, “God’s Living Word”…written on the side of the page I was on. I read it several times and suddenly, a realization hit me that I was holding GOD’S LIVING WORD! The Bible wasn’t just old stories or words in a book…it was the living Word of God and I became suddenly aware of the POWER of that Word. It was as if the words were jumping out at me and I couldn’t get enough of His Word. Then I found the book, “Psalm 91 for Mothers” and read it, then started praying it over my family every morning and truly believing that I am wrapping them in His Word and protection. Now to the part of my story that really showed that power to me.
  On the morning of April 8, 2016, I was ironing my clothes and getting ready for work when I heard sirens. I immediately started praying for whoever those sirens were going to…little did I know, I was praying for my own child. My 18 year old son, Christian, was traveling home from a friend’s house when a car, a woman with her dog and 3 young children inside, pulled out in front of him. He had no time to stop and seeing the kids in the car, he swerved left to miss her. He ran over the front of her car, then went airborne, flipped 2-3 times, hit a VW Jetta, landed in the opposite lane on the passenger side of his Jeep and slid to a stop. The Jetta saw him flipping towards him and moved over enough that Christian didn’t land on him and his son but did hit the side of the car, slightly injuring the father. One would expect that they would need to pull Christian out of his vehicle, seriously injured or worse, but he unhooked his seat belt and crawled out the back of his Jeep, then ran to check on the other drivers. He was dazed and shaken but the one picture shows that his only visible injuries were scratches/bruises on his left shoulder and right elbow, and airbag burns on his left arm, and he is very sore. He had glass down the back of his shirt but no cuts on his back, face or anywhere to be found. If you look in the picture of his Jeep on the wrecker, you’ll notice how little damage is on the driver’s side…it was all on the passenger side (That’s Christian looking up at the tow truck driver). How does this happen that you are flipping towards the left but your vehicle land on the right side? I believe only by the GRACE OF GOD.
  I asked Christian in the emergency room, ‘How did it feel when you were flipping? Did you feel it?” He paused and said, “I didn’t tense up or anything…I just felt ‘held in place’. I pray over my family every day and when I pray, I KNOW with all my heart that God hears me and that I’m wrapping my family in His hands every day, but I still worry over my children. God reminded me yesterday, as He has so many times, that I can trust in Him in every circumstance. ‘Psalm 91 for Mothers’ strengthened my faith and taught me, even more, the meaning and protection in this scripture. It breaks down the scripture so that we can understand the power of His Word when we speak it over our families, and how it covers every area of protection that we need in our lives. It’s not just for us mamas…I’d recommend it to everyone and have told MANY people about it.I pray this over my family every morning before we leave for work and school. Could you convince me it’s not working? No way!
  After the accident, I found myself with a lump in my throat time and again, thinking of what ‘could have’ been or ‘what if’…all those terrible scenarios running through my head and making me anxious. Then I had the realization that none of that DID happen, because when I send up those prayers for my family and friends every day, God wraps them in His hands, which are much bigger than mine. And He takes care of them when I can’t, and I want to be sure that I give Him the glory in this. Don’t ever doubt the power of your prayer in someone’s life. It opens the doors for God to work a mighty work! I’ve attached pictures of his accident and his injuries. I consider him to be a walking testimony to the power of God’s Word. Side note… God works in mysterious ways and we NEVER know when He’s working through what seems like a bad event to protect us in the future. On Christmas Day before his accident, Christian got a ticket from a State Trooper for not wearing his seat belt. We had told him several times that he needed to wear it but he felt it was more of a choice he could make. So he was mad that he received this ticket and asked his dad to take care of it. Well, we didn't. ...